Stuntwoman / Stunt Actress


Height:   5’ 1/2”
Weight:   97 lbs.
Sizes:   0 Kids 12/14 (31-24-30)
Shoe:   3 Kids / 5 Adults
Hat   XS
Glove:   XS
Hair:   Med. Brown (Willing to cut/ color Hair)
Eyes:   Blue

Booking Agents for Conventions and Appearances:
Missy Gordon- (734) 260-2499

People Store & Hot Shot Kids - Stunts (GA)
(310) 228-7738 / (404) 874-6448

Barefoot Models & Talent (AL) (251) 344-3383

Xpose Entertainment, Inc. (CA) (626) 240-4674

Alabama and Mississippi Agent: Barefoot Models and Talent

Los Angeles Agent: Xpose

Matt Chassin



The Fifth Wave   Stunt Perfomer   Joey Box
Insurgent   Utility Stunts   Darrin Prescott/Wade Allen
Ride Along 2   Stunt performer   Jack/Andy Gill
Synkhole Cassidy   Gifford Stunt Double/Water Safety   Hans Marrero
Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin   Olga Kay Stunt Double   Johnny Yang/Robert Dill
Love, Work, and Other Things   London Vale Stunt Double   Steve Bravler
Sabotage   Stunt Pre Viz   Mike Gunther/Kyle Woods
Lila & Eve   Stunt Driver   Guss Williams
Cell   Gaby Leyner double/ Stunt performer   Russell Towery
Paula Peril: Adventures   Stunt Actor/ Fight Coordinator   Dir Jason Winn
Fast and Furious 7   Stunt Performer   Joel J Kramer/Oakley Lehman
Barely Lethal   Stunt Performer   Jeff/Trevor Habberstad
The Last Word   Novella Stunt Double   Kevin Beard
S2K   Erica Grant Stunt double/ Stunt performer   Jeff Scott
Mercy   Conrad Bluth Double   Rob King
Scary Movie 5   Stunt performer   Monty Cox
Sons of Liberty   Agent X/ Stunt Coordinator   Dir Drew Hall
A Better Place Than This (short)   Stunt Coordinator   Dir Daniel Grove
Through the Looking Glass ( short)   Stunt Performer/ Stunt Coordinator   Dir Barry Bogavich
Behaving Badly   Stunt performer   TJ White
ID Theft   Stunt Double ( 2nd Unit)   Gary Hymes
Grizzly Cove    Marissa Skell Double    Cole McKay
Angry Video Game Nerd the Movie   Sarah Glendening Double   Tim Mikulkey
Haven   Kid Double/ Fire Burn   SC: Anthony Molinari
The POD   ND Stunts   Nick Brett
Icarus II Project (Pilot)   Nutopia Kim Double/ Stunt actress   Brian Christensen
Sinister   Little Girl Double   Rob King
Off Hollywood   C. Stephen Foster Double   Shawn Crowder
Dig   Doug Stunt Double (kid)   Bill Leaman / Tree O'Toole
Alice in Wonderland   ND Stunts    Garret Warren
ICD-10   Olesya Rulin Double   Mark Chavarria
Forget Me Not   Jillian Murray Double   Matt Anderson
The New Emmanuelle   Fire Eater/ rappelling Double   Ross Clay
Super Capers   Danielle Harris Double   Rocky Capella/ Tom Ficke
Live Evil   ND Stunts   Producer Mark Terry
Insanitarium   Stunt Actor   Bobby King
A Lure: Teen Fight Club   Andrea DeMeo Double   Tony Snegoff
The Black Waters of Echo Pond   Danielle Harris Double   Michael Valenzuela
Kill Kong ( Short)   Stunt Actress   Sean “ Speedy” Christopher
B-Movie   Stunt Actress- Australian Rappell   Blood Cinema
The Only Sure Thing   Stunt Actress   Mario Perez



Turn   Stunts   Kid Richmond
Red Zone ( TV Movie)   Valyn Hall Double   John Copeman
Constantine   Stunt performer   Cal Johnson
Chosen Season 3   Lexi Ainsworth Double   Todd Bryant
Banshee   Jordan McDempsy Double   Jimmy Romano/ Marcus Young
The Red Road   Kid Double   Michael Long
The Originals   Stunt Performer   Bob Fisher
Devious Maids   Susan Lucci Double   Lonnie Smith
I fight for my Life   Stunt Actor   Spice Williams
Revolution   ND Stunts   Jeff Wolfe
Banshee   Ryann Shane double   Jimmy Romano
Mockingbird Lane   Stunt Double   Gary Jensen
Criminal Minds (Profiling 101)   Stunt Actress   Tom Elliot
Criminal Minds   Young Girl Double   Tom Elliot
Austin and Ally   Audry Whitby Double   Larry Rosenthal
Dexter   Stunt Actress   Wally Crowder
The Closer   Nd Stunts   Spike Silver
Gulliver Quinn   Young Gulliver Double   Vince Deadrick Jr.
Raising Hope   Shannon Woodword Double   Al Jones
The Mentalist    Kaitlyn Dever Double   John Branagan
Castle   Victoria Westlake ( Stunt Performer)    Dennis Madelone
The Vampire Diaries    Maiara Walsh Double   John Copeman
Law & Order L.A.   Shawnee Smith Double   Joel J. Kramer
The Suite Life On Deck   Debby Ryan Double   Rex J. Reddick
Young and the Restless   Terry Bergman Double   Terry James
"Like Mike" Promo   Utility Stunts / Kid Double   Fox TV
E! News   Fire Eater   E! Channel
Room 401   Under 5   MTV
Pushing Daisies   Utility Stunts   Keith Campbell
True Jackson, VP   Rachel Harris Double   Shawn Crowder
iCarly (multiple episodes)   Jeanette McCurdy Double   Vince Deadrick Jr./ Buck McDancer
iFence   Nathan Kress Double   Vince Deadrick, Jr
iMake Sam Girler        
iMust Have Locker 239        
iThink they Kissed        
iQuit iCarly        
iSaved your Life        
iGot a Hot Room        
iStart a Fan War        
iCant' Take it        
iGot a Thief        
Sam and Cat (multiple episodes)   Jeanette McCurdy & Ariana Grande Double   Vince Deadrick Jr.
Stuck in a Box        
My Favorite show        
Goomer Sitting        
Motorcycle Mystery        
Oscar the ouch        
Big Peezy        
Mad About Shoe        
Walking Dead (multiple episodes)        
No Sanctuary Episode 5.1   Stunt Performer   Monty Simons
Episode 4.2   Stunt Performer   Russell Towery
Killer Within ( season 3)   Stunt Performer   Russell Towery
When Dead Come Knocking
(Season 3)
  Stunt Performer   Russell Towery



Goldilocks >View online<        
We are Young   Stunts   Fun/ MTV



Avon Books   Romance Novel Model (Fall)   Avon Book Convention
Small falls can be a Big deal   Utility Stunts   Dean Mumford
High Impact Forklift Safety   Utility Stunts    
Trees   Fire Eater   City Of Cerritos


Live Shows

(Over 70 Live fire eating/  fire dancing shows)
2009 Halloween Stuntacular   Nerd Girl/Dancer   Dir: Andy Dylan
Second Chance Lottery Winners   Live Fire Eating/Dancing   Paramount Studios
(Commercial List Available upon Request)    



Target   Pink Double   Lane Leavitt
Wrangler Jeans Print Ad   Fire Burn/ 15-25 ft Falls through Glass   Dir Cass Bird
Insurance Commercial   Stunt Rigger/ Safety   Gianni Biasetti
Ladies of the World   Roller Skater   Flight of the Conchords/MTV


Special Skills

Fire Dancing / Fire Eating   Martial arts   Horseback riding(Western)
Hand-to-hand fights   Swordwork   Hits the ground
Firearms(NRA handgun cert/tactical)   Weapons (knives, sai, stick, nunchuks)   Stair falls
Zip line (Slide for Life)   Ratchets /harness work   Mini tram               
Falls up to 30 feet   Car hits/exits/ roof rides   PADI Adv Open Water Cert
Rappelling (all Styles)   Fire burns   Hula Hooping
Rock climbing (indoor /outdoor)   Soccer/field hockey   NY trained actress
Strong swimmer/ water stunts   Roller skating ( has own skates)   Good with animals
Exp. costume character   Advanced yoga   Very athletic
Motorcycle lic/ Basic Dirtbike   ATVS/ Go Karts/ Golf Carts   Stilts
Precision Driving   Current passport   Great passenger
Gear: Jerk vest, Roller Skates, Own Scuba Gear, Rappelling/ Rock Climbing Gear, Stilts



Safety References: Vince Deadrick, Jr., Shawn Crowder, Mark Chavarria, Matt Anderson, Erik Betts
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